Managed Services

Managed IT Services from Seminole Networks can help you...

  • Eliminate costly repairs - proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems for a flat monthly fee means you’ll be able to stop spending money on rectifying big disasters after they have already happened
  • Say goodbye downtime and hello improved performance - and of course when we’re looking after your systems in real time you’ll experience far fewer problems and virtually no downtime
  • Enjoy your very own IT department - without the high costs associated with hiring, training and employing staff
  • Gain rapid remote support - remote access allows us to repair most issues without having to disrupt you onsite 

Field Services

When you're in a bind for an immediate solution for an unforeseen problem ranging anywhere from a broken cable,downed hard drive to network connection problems, we have the experience and expertise to get your business up and running again. The service may include repairs, upgrades or installation of systems, components, peripheral equipment, networking or software.

Spend more time closing deals and less time dealing with time-consuming installations!

Project Management

Whether you’re working on a small project with modest business goals or a large, multi-departmental initiative with sweeping corporate implications, understanding the project management life cycle is essential. Every project has essential milestones at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end, following a path from initiation to completion to evaluation.